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The Kopano OL Extension (KOE) serves as an enhancement to the already included ActiveSync support of Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2016 (Windows only, but for both 32bit and 64bit systems). KOE is available as an msi package and can be installed before or after creating the actual ActiveSync account in Outlook.


Creating a new profile

While creating a new profile is optional it always gives the advantage of starting with a clean environment. Technically it is possible to connect to multiple Z-Push enabled servers from within one Outlook profile and even mix it with other account types.

When it comes to the "Auto Account Setup" the "manual setup" method needs to be chosen

Afterwards "Exchange ActiveSync" can be selected as the account type (For Outlook 2013 this option was called " or Exchange compatible service"

Account details can be given on the next page. Users are able to either synchronise the whole mailbox or only one month of data for each folder. 

After this step the account settings are tested and the account can be used.

Working with the Kopano OL Extension

Once installed KOE will add another tab to the Outlook Ribbon from which the user can control the extension.

Working with contacts from the GAB

The GAB wiill be displayed as an additional adressbook inside of Outlook

The address book folder will be auto selected to be listed when composing messages:

Setting out of office messages

In the Out of Office Assistant screen the user can enable his oof message. For convenience the previous oof message will also be fetched from the server, so that the user can easily adapt and reuse it.

KOE will at startup check if the oof message is active on the server and will ask the user if he wants to disable it.

Opening and closing shared folders (such as calendars)

The shared folder functionality can be easily accessed through the option "Open shared folder". Already opened folders can be managed through the menu option "Shared folders".

Once the user has clicked "Open shared folder" he will be presented with a dialogue allowing him to to choose between opening a folder from the public store or a specified user (Hint: the lookup of usernames in this dialogue will only succeed if the GAB is synced to the client).

When opening a folder the user also has the possibility to give the folder an unique name. KOE will suggest a folder name following the schema "Username - Foldername".


 The current implementation only allows one folder to be opened at a time. As part of we are currently researching ways to solve this limitation.

Once the user has clicked "Open" the folder will be added to the sync profile in Z-Push and will start added to Outlook with the next synchronisation..

A once opened folder can be closed through the menu option "Shared folders". Here the user can "close" individual folders, which will then be removed from Outlook during the next synchronisation. 

Changing advance settings

In the settings screen the user can select from which ActiveSync account he wants to retrieve the GAB (by default KOE will retrieve the GAB from the first ActiveSync account). This screen can also be used to change the Loglevel to aid debugging issues with a developer.

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