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This document is intended as a base to migrate a Linux server running ZCP  to the latest kopano core version. It does not contain any specific commands as they could vary in different distributions.


This document is intended to be used by experienced system administrators and engineers who have in-depth knowledge of both Linux and MySQL environments.


Use these suggestions at your own risk and only if you know what you are doing.

These instructions are intended as pointers and not as a definitive configuration, as every environment can be set up differently.

Also keep in mind that some steps in this guide can take time depending on the size and complexity of your environment.



Kopano Core is a fork of ZCP 7.2.3. Migrating from ZCP to Kopano Core means that some features and components are replaced and some are dropped

If you are migrating from ZCP 7.1 to KC 8.x, please take the following into account before upgrading:

  • Backups aren't compatible (somewhere we need to make people aware that therefor making (MySQL) backups is very important before migrating)
  • New search is introduced, therefore the index files needs to be re-index, takes time
  • webaccess is dropped, also in ZCP realm ( ZCP7.2.3 release). 
  • No Outlook MAPI clients are being provided by Kopano, but we are compatible with the Zarafa MAPI client.
  • optional but highly recommended:
    • It is possible to run daemon as unprivileged user, if you choose to do this, the attachments needs to be chowned which will also takes some time.
    • Socket location change; Zarafa made this change to adequately implement the support for systemd and run daemons as an unprivileged user.
    • Using the ZCP LDAP schema attributes is perfectly fine, but please keep in mind that new schema changes can be introduced in the future of Kopano Core


It is required to purge ZCP in order to install Kopano Core. 
Make sure you make a backup of /etc/zarafa/.

There are repositories available on  

Example to add kopano core. 

Debian 8

deb https://<username>:<password> ./
curl | apt-key add -


name=Builds of git master branches (RHEL_6)

SLE 12

baseurl= waiting for a url


The github version of python-zarafa is not compatible with python-kopano so remove any previous version of it  (for example in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zarafa )

Install the packages

Install the packages you want or install 'kopano-server-packages'  that will install:

  • kopano-backup
  • kopano-dagent
  • kopano-gateway
  • kopano-ical
  • kopano-monitor
  • kopano-presence
  • kopano-search
  • kopano-server
  • kopano-spooler
  • kopano-utils

Config file changes

SSL changes

In the server.cfg, ical.cfg and gateway.cfg “ssl_enable_v2” parameter has become obsolete. Please remove it.

Added are the following:

server_ssl_protocols = !SSLv2
server_ssl_ciphers = ALL:!LOW:!SSLv2:!EXP:!aNULL
server_ssl_prefer_server_ciphers = no

Socket changes

Most daemons are now started using an unprivileged user;

‘run_as_user = kopano’

‘run_as_group = kopano’


Default socket locations have changed to /var/run/kopano/

For example:

server_socket = /var/run/kopano/server.sock

pid_file = /var/run/kopano/

Check if all the configuration files use the same sockets and run as the same user.

Check if the user has access to:

  • /var/lib/kopano/
  • /etc/kopano/
  • /var/log/kopano/
  • /tmp/

Migration changes

It is highly recommended that you change the new config file instead of copying the Zarafa files

Attachment location

Make sure you change the  option 'attachment_path' in the server.cfg  to the location where you saved the zarafa attachment or move the attachments to /var/lib/kopano/attachments/
If you are running the deamons as unprivileged user, make sure that the attachments are readable by this user. 

SQL database 

The kopano database is compatible with zarafa so it is not necessary to change this 

Search files 

If you migrate from a ZCP 7.1.x installations, keep in mind that the kopano-search is not compatible with the zarafa-search.
The new default  location of the index files is /var/lib/kopano/search/(was /var/lib/zarafa/index/).
The new search needs disk space so keep this in mind

If you migrate from ZCP 7.2.x, you either change the option 'index_path' in the search.cfg  or you move the index files to /var/lib/kopano/search
For both options make sure the kopano user is able to access the files


Kopano Core is capable  to use  the zarafa schema, however it is highly recommended that you import and use the kopano-schema.  

If you want to use the old schema, then make sure you change '!propmap /etc/zarafa/ldap.propmap.cfg'  to  '!propmap /etc/kopano/ldap.propmap.cfg' in the ldap.cfg


Make sure you change the socket location in the ldap if you are using a multi server setup


If you migrate from a ZCP 7.2.1 or lower kopano-backup is not compatible with the old backup files.


All the caching values can be copied from the zarafa server.cfg



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