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Software Collections and PHP

Since the minimum requirement for WebApp 3.0 is PHP 5.4 and RHEL 6 only ships 5.3 per default, RHEL 6 would be unsupported by WebApp 3.0. To circumvent this problem we added support for Software Collections.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) introduced the Software Collections (SCL’s) – supported by Red Hat (!) – allowing the availability of more recent versions of specific software components for existing enterprise releases without forcing usage of these packages (as they are not API/ABI safe with distribution included packages).

With Red Hat providing the rh-php56 software collection, we are able to build PHP-MAPI based on PHP 5.6 for RHEL 6 and RHEL 7, and provide these to our customers in a standardised way. You can easily identify the Kopano Core builds with the “-php-56” suffix in the end of the package name. With these packages, you will be able to install and run WebApp 3 on , for example, RHEL 6. RHEL 6 only ships 5.3 per default and would be unsupported by WebApp 3.0, since the minimum requirement for WebApp 3.0 is PHP 5.4We also added SCL support for RHEL 7 because it is maintained better than the shipped php version 5.4.

For more information on Software Collections, feel free to check out the official page