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  • kopano-backup
  • kopano-dagent
  • kopano-gateway
  • kopano-ical
  • kopano-monitor
  • kopano-presence
  • kopano-search
  • kopano-server
  • kopano-spooler
  • kopano-utils


Code Block
$ sudo yum install kopano-server-packages kopano-webapp	

Start Kopano Core



Code Block
$ sudo /etc/init.d/kopano-server start


Create test user

Code Block
# kopano-admin -c jdoe -p jdoe -e -f "John Doe"
# kopano-admin -l
User list for Default(2):
	Username	Fullname	Homeserver	
	SYSTEM		SYSTEM		ZarafaKopano	
	jdoe		John Doe




To install and configure the openLDAP plugin, please reference the appropriate chapters in this installation guide and adjust the commands to RHEL-based distributions

Start apache 2.4

Code Block
# chkconfig httpd24-httpd on
# /etc/init.d/httpd24-httpd start

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