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The latest version of the script can be found in the 'Core Scripts' Bitbucket repository:


Code Block
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help                         show this help message and exit
  -c FILE, --config=FILE             load settings from FILE
  -s SOCKET, --server-socket=SOCKET  connect to server SOCKET
  -k FILE, --ssl-key=FILE            SSL key file
  -p PASS, --ssl-pass=PASS           SSL key password
  -f NAME, --folder=NAME             run program for specific folder
  -m, --modify                       enable database modification
  --user=USER                        Run script for user
  --wastebasket                      Run cleanup script for the wastebasket
  --junk                             Run cleanup script for the junk folder
  --force                            Force items without date to be removed
  --days=DAYS                        Delete older then x days
  --verbose                          Verbose mode
  --dry-run                          Run script in dry mode
  --progressbar                      Show progressbar