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Linking your subscription to your portal account


To have access to downloads from the Kopano portal you have to either once register a new subscription, or link your newly created account to an existing serial.

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To link an existing serial you only have to got to the subscriptions tab and

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As a confirmation you will be redirected to an overview page showing the subscription you have just linked to your account.

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Downloading from the Kopano portal

The Kopano portal holds an overview of all Kopano product currently released as final and pre-final/beta. 

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Downloading directly from the download server

Please refer to Install and upgrade Kopano products using repositories if your are looking for instructions on how to integrate the package sources into your Linux distribution.

On addition to the portal, subscription holders can also use to download software. In addition to final and pre-final/beta releases this also includes nightly builds. The login uses the same database as the Kopano portal, but the server performs an additional check if there is at least one active suscription linked to your account, before allowing login.

Community users

Community members do not have access to these repositories. Ready to use packages, built for your many different operating systems and architectures are available through These packages are based on the master branch, meaning that it contains the latest features currently in development, but might also contain some bugs.