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  1. How to get latest "trunk" in new world?

    In the old world I used svn to retrieve the trunk branch [svn checkout trunk] to my command-line only unix server.

    How do I do the equivalent in the new world?  

  2. git checkout develop <- to change to the develop branch

    git pull origin develop <- to get only changes in the develop branch

  3. Thanks Francisco. But, pardon my ignorance.

    Your steps assume I already have a git set up on this box. I don't have. I have the development code on my windows box.

    I used to pull the trunk for running the latest code on the unix box. How do I specify the repository of the code using the command line tool? 



    1. Sorry, I will expand my answer. But you can do the same with a visual client, although I prefer command line for everything less making merge requests.

      I suppose you have this installed: or at least if you type "git" in a cmd you can execute it.

      Navigate to a folder where you want you have the z-push repo.

      Clone it: git clone

      Change to the new folder

      "git status" will tell you the actual branch and any changes you have done

      "git checkout <branch_name>" will change your code version to that of the branch (must exist)

      "git checkout -b <branch_name>" will create a new branch based in the code of the actual branch (when creating branched for making pull request be sure to be in "develop" and with the code updated)

      "git pull origin <branch_name>" will get the last remote version of that branch

      "git push origin <branch_name>" will send your branch changes to the remote server


      So to get the last "upstream trunk"

      git checkout develop

      git pull origin develop


      To create a new branch to contribute something

      git checkout develop

      git pull origin develop

      git checkout -b <branch name given by stash, there is an option to copy it>


      git status

      git add <file names separated by spaces> (add the new files)

      git commit -a (will commit all the changes and ask you for a comment; windows will open a notepad if I'm not wrong, just write in it and close it saving the changes)

      git push origin <branch name given by stash>

      Go to stash, select your branch, compare with develop and create a merge request

      1. Thanks for this. I only just say the notification on the top of the page this morning. I do have a command line - Git Bash - and Git GUI, and I downloaded and am using SourceTree. Not sure if it will start to complain about licensing one of these days though.