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The update of this list is a manual process and depends on feedback of the community and users (you!).

We’re glad to hear from platforms known to work or not to work currently, so feel free to drop a note in the Kopano Forum.



  •  (tick) functional   |   (error) not available   |   (warning) partially   |   (question) unknown
  • EM (E-Mail)   |   CO (Contacts)   |   CA (Calendar)   |   TA (Tasks)   |   NO (Notes)   |   GAB (Global Address Book)   |   F/B Free-Busy Lookup
  • SFP SubFolder Push   |   RC Recurring Calendar   |   MF Multiple Folders   |   MR Meeting requests (INVite, RESPonse)   |   N/A Not aailable
  • +++ Excellent   |   ++ Good   |   + Reasonable   |   o Limited
  • Lines in gray are really old clients (5 years or older) which are not being tested and where we don't get user feedback anymore. For completeness they are in the list, but shouldn't be used anymore.
LevelPlatformClientGeneralWipeSFPRCMFMRTypeBest withComment

Windows Mobile 5-6.5EM CA CO TAFull ROM(tick)(tick)(error)INV RESPNative1.5 
Windows Phone 7EM CA COFull ROM(tick)(tick)(error)INV RESPNative2.2.13 
Windows Phone 7.5EM CA CO TAFull ROM(tick)(tick)(error)INV RESPNative2.2.13.
Windows Phone 8EM CA CO TAFull ROM(tick)(tick)(error)INV RESPNative2.3.x

Supports multiple calendar folders, but only main contact folder

Works with 2.2.x, but performance improvements with 2.3.x.

Windows Phone 10EM CA CO TAFull ROM(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPNative2.3.x
Outlook 2013, 2016 with ActiveSyncEM CA CO TAN/A(tick)(tick)(warning)1INV RESPNative2.3.2 
Outlook 2013, 2016 with ActiveSync & Kopano Outlook ExtensionEM CA CO TA NO F/B GABN/A(tick)(tick)(warning)1INV RESPNative2.3.2A detailed list of features can be found in the Client Selection Aidavailable in the Kopano portal.

iOS 2.x, 3.x, 4.xEM CA COFull ROM(tick)(warning)2(tick)INV RESPNative1.5 
iOS 5.x, 6.x, 7.xEM CA CO TA NOFull ROM(tick)(warning)2(tick)INV RESPNative2.2.13Limited feedback received about 2.3.x.
iOS 8.x, 9.x, 10.xEM CA CO TA NO F/BFull ROM(tick)(warning)2(tick)INV RESPNative2.3.2Fixes for MeetingRequest acceptance.

Android 4.xEM CA CO TAFull ROM(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPNative2.3.xBest performance with 2.3.x
Android 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.xEM CA CO TA F/BFull ROM(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPNative2.3.xBest performance with 2.3.x

BlackBerry 10 with ActiveSyncEM CA CO TA NOFull ROM(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPNative2.3.xBest performance with 2.3.x
Touchdown for Android & iOSEM CA CO TA NO F/BProfile delete(tick)(tick)(warning)3INV RESPApp2.2.13 
++Android 2.2+ & 3.xEM CA COFull ROM(error)(warning)(error)INV RESPNative2.0.5 
RoadSyncEM CA CO TAProfile delete(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPApp1.5 
Moxier MailEM CA CO TAProfile delete(tick)(tick)(tick)INV RESPApp1.5 

Nokia Mail 2 (E75)EM CA CO TAProfile delete(error)(warning)(error)INV RESPNative1.5 
E/N-Series Mail4ExchangeEM CA CO TAProfile delete(tick)(warning)(warning)(question) RESPApp1.5 

PalmPre WebOSEM CA CO TANo Wipe(error)(tick)(tick)INV RESPNative2.0.8 

Various - RoadsyncEM CA CO TAProfile delete(error)(warning)(error)(question)App1.5 
Bada Wave 1.0EM CA(question)(error)(question)(tick)NONE(question)1.5 

N900 - M4E on LinuxEM CA(question)(question)(question)(question)LIMITED(question)2.0.6 

1  Only one contact folder is displayed in Outlook.
2  Not all recurrency patterns supported. Functionality like "All future events" cause the ending of the current and the creation of a new recurrent appointment.
3  Multiple folders are supported, but it's not always clearly differentiate in which folder an object lives. 


About the "Best with" Z-Push version

For many (especially old clients) we don't get feedback from users anymore. The "best with" information marks the point where we got feedback that this client would be working. This doesn't mean it won't work with newer or even the latest version, but we just don't know.

If you are still using such a client, please send us your feedback.

Apple Mac Mail and the Exchange Server option

 Please be aware that Apple uses Exchange Webservices (EWS) and not Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for it's connection and is therefore not compatible with Z-Push.


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