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Some multiserver setups will see errors in their output when running 'kopano-dbadm k-1216'

[error  ] 0x9a1388: SQL Failed: Duplicate entry '759-34053-258' for key 'PRIMARY', Query: "UPDATE properties SET tag=34053 WHERE tag=36407"
[error  ] KDatabase::I_Update() query failed: "Duplicate entry '759-34053-258' for key 'PRIMARY'", query: UPDATE properties SET tag=34053 WHERE tag=36407
[error  ] dbadm: action failed: disk error (80000007)

To resolve this issue run the tool again.

This works best if you run it again right after it fails.

Update (2018-04-19 15:40)

We have received a couple of reports that running the tool again does not resolve the issue.

We are investigating and working towards solving this problem:

Should you encounter the same issue, you can run kopano-server with the --ignore-database-version-conflict to minimize downtime on the kopano-server until we have solved this issue

We will keep this page updated.

Update (2018-04-19 16:10)

A fix has been found for the issue and is currently in QA. New packages will be released as soon as possible

Update (2018-04-19 17:15)

Testing the fix has resulted in more failing runs of kopano-dbadm, so the fix will not be released today. We continue investigating and will keep you posted.

The kopano-server can always be started with the '--ignore-database-version-conflict' flag.

Update (2018-04-20 09:30)

The investigation has resulted in some changes and fixes to kopano-dbadm. We will release updated packages as soon as possible, after testing.  

Update (2018-04-20 14:00)

We have uploaded Kopano Core 8.5.8. These packages contain fixes for and

If everything goes well, this will be the last update regarding the K-1216 failure(s). If you find any more issues send us a message on the forums, through mattermost or via email.

Update (2018-07-13 09:30)

While running kopano-dbadm it might throw errors, which indicate that harddisk partitions run full.
We identified two scenarios where either the datadir or tmpdir run full and then index creation fails.

tmpdir full shows error messages like:

0x856b38: SQL Failed: Incorrect key file for table 'properties'; try to repair it, Query:
"ALTER TABLE properties ADD INDEX tmptag (tag)"

datadir full shows error messages like:

0x144ef08: SQL Failed: The table 'properties' is full, Query:
"ALTER TABLE properties ADD INDEX tmptag (tag)"

To solve that the tmp and datadirs have to be huge enough. At least the size of the table properties and space for new indices is needed.
So, with the double space properties needs, you should be in the safe side.

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