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These scripts and tools are provided to help you manage your Kopano system. They are provided as a free service for Kopano users, without warranty of any kind.

Please be aware that usage is at your own risk!

Recovery of 'tproperties' table from 'properties' table

In case the tproperties table gets corrupt, and there is no option to recover it (from backup), or mysql recurringly crashes by accessing it, there is a possibility to regenerate the data in tproperties table from the data in properties table.

Step-by-step guide

To regenerate the tproperties table, please follow the steps:

  1. Shut down any running instance of Kopano Server (e.g. service kopano-server stop)
  2. Access your mysql console (mysql -p) and switch to the kopano database (use kopano;)
  3. Execute the following queries:
    TRUNCATE tproperties;
    INSERT IGNORE INTO tproperties (folderid,hierarchyid,tag,type,val_ulong,val_string,val_binary,val_double,val_longint,val_hi,val_lo) SELECT, p.hierarchyid, p.tag, p.type, p.val_ulong, LEFT(p.val_string,255), LEFT(p.val_binary,255), p.val_double, p.val_longint, p.val_hi, p.val_lo FROM properties AS p JOIN hierarchy AS tmp ON p.hierarchyid = AND p.tag NOT IN (0x1013,0x1009) JOIN hierarchy AS h ON tmp.parent = AND h.type = 3;
  4. Start Kopano Server again (e.g. service kopano-server start)

Please note that this operation will take some time, depending on the database size. We recommend to do this operation outside normal operation hours.