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Important Notice

Because of the way SSO works the credentials are not available to WebApp.

This can stop plugins from working, or require manual setup of credentials.

The following plugins require WebApp credentials (additional 3rd party plugins might need them as well):

  • MDM, credentials can be entered on the setting page of MDM plugin
  • Files, the "Use Kopano Credentials" options will not work, manual setup is still possible.


  • Working DNS server
  • Working  active directory server

Domain = kopano.local 

kopano server =  mail.kopano.local


Add kopano server to the  domain

To add  the kopano-server in a domain we use the tool 'PowerBroker Identity Services' 

$ sudo wget
$ sudo chmod +x

Start the tool.

$ sudo ./
$ sudo domainjoin-cli join kopano.LOCAL administrator
Joining to AD Domain:   kopano.LOCAL
With Computer DNS Name: mail.kopano.LOCAL
administrator@kopano.LOCAL's password:
Your system has been configured to authenticate to Active Directory for the first time.  It is recommended that you restart your system to ensure that all applications recognize the new settings.

Create a keytab file for the kopano server

Create a user in the active directory for the kopano server in this example it is 'mail'.   

Create a Keytab file for the kopano server with the user 'mail' 

On a DC run

C:\Windows\system32> ktpass -princ HTTP/mail.kopano.local@kopano.LOCAL -mapuser mail@kopano.LOCAL -crypto RC4-HMAC-NT -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -pass <Password> -out c:\mail.keytab

Install mpm-prefork mod-auth-kerb

$ sudo apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-auth-kerb

Creatte a directory in /etc/apache2/keytab and move the mail.keytab 

$ sudo mkdir -p /etc/apache2/keytab
$ sudo mv /shared/mail.keytab /etc/apache2/keytab/


kopano Settings

To enable the sso change the following  setting in the server.cfg

server_hostname = mail.kopano.local
enable_sso = yes

To enable the sso in Webapp  change the following in the config.php in the Webapp directory

see for more information about ssl  

define("DEFAULT_SERVER", "https://localhost:237/kopano");
// When using a single-signon system on your webserver, but Kopano Core is on another server
// you can use https to access the Kopano server, and authenticate using an SSL certificate.
define("SSLCERT_FILE", /path/to/ssl/client/client-cert.pem);
define("SSLCERT_PASS", password-of-cert)

Apache2 settings

Add the following to the vhost file of webapp for sso to work.  

<directory /usr/share/kopano-webapp/>
        AuthType                Kerberos
        AuthName                "Login"
        KrbServiceName          HTTP/mail.kopano.local@kopano.LOCAL
        KrbVerifyKDC            on
        KrbMethodNegotiate      on
        KrbMethodK5Passwd       on
        KrbAuthRealms           kopano.LOCAL
        Krb5KeyTab              /etc/apache2/keytab/mail.keytab
        require                 valid-user