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With Apache 2.4.5 the support for proxying WebSockets was introduced. For the following configuration to work the following modules need to be enabled: proxy, proxy_http, proxy_wstunnel, headers.

Install Kopano Webmeetings and the WebApp Webmeetings plugin

Debian and Ubuntu RHEL and CentOS SUSE

Apache configuration

Debian and Ubuntu RHEL and CentOS SUSE

Configure WebMeetings

We need 2 secret keys that are 32 bytes long

xxd -ps -l 32 -c 32 /dev/random

In this example we will use the following keys

webmeetings shared secret = 423f4308d0ffbb8e6a589894f6eda003addf6da40932105991e1867a5bd9bdf6
presence shared secret = 8fb26dc0adccc82fcbc5c46f59973bbf83413c3a42e328de1214333b1815f422

Add the webmeetings  key in /etc/kopano/webmeetings.cfg 

sharedsecret_secret = 423f4308d0ffbb8e6a589894f6eda003addf6da40932105991e1867a5bd9bdf6

Add the presence key in /etc/kopano/presence.cfg

server_secret_key = 8fb26dc0adccc82fcbc5c46f59973bbf83413c3a42e328de1214333b1815f422

Add both keys in /etc/kopano/webapp/config-meetings.php


DEFINE('PLUGIN_SPREEDWEBRTC_WEBMEETINGS_SHARED_SECRET', '423f4308d0ffbb8e6a589894f6eda003addf6da40932105991e1867a5bd9bdf6');

DEFINE('PLUGIN_SPREEDWEBRTC_PRESENCE_SHARED_SECRET', '8fb26dc0adccc82fcbc5c46f59973bbf83413c3a42e328de1214333b1815f422');

Kopano WebApp

Open Kopano Webapp and you should be able to see the Webmeetings icon.

If not please enable the plugin first in the users' WebApp settings.

Click on the icon and you should see the following

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