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Add repositories

Our repositories are available at for customers and partners with a valid subscription. 
The serial is needed to access these repositories.

Debian and Ubuntu RHEL and CentOS SUSE

Install Kopano packages 

We will now install kopano-server-packages and the MySQL server.

kopano-server-packages is a meta package that has a dependency to the basic kopano-core packages

The following is installed with kopano-server-packages

  • kopano-backup
  • kopano-dagent
  • kopano-gateway
  • kopano-ical
  • kopano-monitor
  • kopano-presence
  • kopano-search
  • kopano-server
  • kopano-spooler
  • kopano-utils
  • (and their dependencies)

Install Kopano and MySQL/MariaDB

Debian and Ubuntu RHEL and CentOS SUSE

Configure SQL database

Now create a Kopano user in the MySQL server.

$ sudo mysql    
mysql> CREATE USER 'kopano'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>'; 
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON kopano.* TO 'kopano'@'localhost';

Since the release of Kopano 8.7.0, example config files are placed in /usr/share/doc/kopano/example-config/. If you need to change a config file, you need to copy it to /etc/kopano/

The same goes for older releases on RPM based distributions.

Change the MySQL password in the /etc/kopano/server.cfg

# The user under which we connect with MySQL 
mysql_user = kopano 
# The password for the user (leave empty for no password)
mysql_password = <kopano-user-password>

User backend

The preferred way to manage users in a professional environment is OpenLDAP, but Kopano supports several other user backends as well;

OpenLDAP Active Directory Samba 4 Database

To see if the kopano-server is started and contains users, use kopano-cli --list-users

$ sudo kopano-cli --list-users
User list for Default (2):
            User           Full Name          Homeserver                                   Store
          SYSTEM              SYSTEM              Kopano        8962FFEFFB7B4D639BC5967C4BB58234
            john            john doe              Kopano        8ECC5FB292CB42C1A5DE59C369ECBFF7

Please check server.log in /var/log/kopano if you get the following error.

$ sudo kopano-cli --list-users
Unable to open Admin session: network error (0x80040115)
The server is not running, or not accessible through "default:".
Using the -v option (possibly multiple times) may give more hints.